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Assistant Technical Director,

CalArts Spring 2020

 Responsibilities included:

  • Assisting with management of build teams

  • Coordinating load in and load out of all scenic pieces

  • Acting as the main conduit of communication between the creative and technical teams​​


  • Ensuring safety of all scenic and automated elements

  • Delivering a finished set within the budgetary constraints of this show


The creative team came into this show with a very ambitious scenic design. The show was to be driven by grand scenic gestures that would utilize the emotional undertones of the piece to construct the world of Thebes on stage. The gestures included a giant set of conveyor belt topped ramps to be raised up from the stage deck, a giant weather balloon, a scrim that could be set at a 45 degree angle and a proscenium sized painted drop.


Click on the images below to get a closer look at the process
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