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I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, where I started off as a kid fascinated by the way the world worked. By the time I was 10 I'd begun disassembling some old appliances I found out in the garage just to see how they worked. By middle school I was refurnishing old computers and joined theater to try my hand at sound. In high school I applied to be on sound crew as soon as I arrived, but was placed on build crew instead. This was a major turning point and I found my true calling in scenic construction. The puzzle of a complex piece of scenery fascinated me and I strove to achieve the highest degree of craftsmanship and safety in service to the designer's vision. I followed this passion
to California Institute of the Arts to study Technical Direction and will be graduating in fall of 2020.
I enjoy collaborating with designers and directors in order to not only build scenery, but to further the overall artistic vision of the play and am dedicated to helping them achieve their fullest artistic potential in the show. I believe very strongly in open communication and collaboration in order to work as a team to accomplish the greatest shows possible. I look forward to involved and vigorous environments wherein I can hone the skills of my craft as a technical director while working on new and exciting projects
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